Your website is an investment in the future of your business

These days, when people need ‘something’ they ask the internet. So if your online presence isn’t up to scratch – you’re not even going to be considered. A good website will not only look awesome, it will build credibility and turn your visitors into customers.

Your most important advertising tool is just a click away. What kind of website are your customers clicking on? You need a website that will impress new customers and make you stand out from the competition. You need a website from Lucas Design Studios.

What are the Benefits

of WordPress Platforms?

Ease of Use

Wordpress is a straightforward platform that is easy to use, making the management of your website simple for small business owners and enterprise businesses alike. Its uncomplicated design allows you to spend more time focusing on the content that goes on your website or blog, rather than worrying about how it is going to be formatted.

Your WordPress page requires little to no previous technical knowledge in order to regularly manage content and modify various features as your company evolves. Powering 24% of the internet, millions of people visit pages hosted by WordPress each month, and its diverse audience could make it the perfect CMS platform to help grow your business online.


Our developers will work with you to create a custom design to fit the unique style and essence of your brand. WordPress pages span across a diverse number of industries and are published in 120 different languages, making customization to fit your market a simple process. WordPress also allows you to seamlessly integrate a blog into your website, making all of your online efforts accessible in one location.

As a full-service digital agency, we can help you build a custom experience that audiences will only be able to associate with your company. The personality behind your business can be highlighted through the one-of-a-kind design your visitors view upon visiting your website.

SEO Friendly

The coding used in WordPress is streamlined and consistent. This is optimal for search engines to be able to easily read and index any piece of content that you add to your site. Our agency can work with you to determine which targeting opportunities would be the best fit for your business, and execute these efforts through the content throughout your website.

Each page you create can be optimized to target a specific word or phrase through title tags, meta descriptions, and other features that are clearly defined through the WordPress content management system. Optimizing your website for search and providing visitors with a positive experience will result in your business receiving more relevant traffic, ranking higher than competitors, and getting discovered by qualified visitors.

Increase Brand Awareness

Regularly creating new content that addresses topics within your industry will make your business stand out as a thought leader amongst other companies in the market. WordPress allows you to share your opinion and create compelling content that will build your brand’s reputation with potential customers.

It provides your business with the opportunity to start discussions, moderate which comments and responses can be public, and authorize multiple people to have administrative capabilities. Creating and maintaining your position as an active member of your industry will generate traction for your website, and increase awareness surrounding your brand.

Content Management System

Everything visible to a visitor on your website, from plain text to complex modules and applications showing latest news and weather updates, is known as the web content. Lucas Design Studios offers the industry-leading Web Content Management System (WCMS) exclusively from WordPress.

Websites become stagnant if the content is not updated regularly. Visitors coming to your website will quickly lose interest if things don’t change for weeks or months. Having the ability to update your content through an intuitive Web Content Management System is the smart solution for any business.

At Lucas Design Studios we custom design the WordPress menus with just the options you need and nothing more, giving you a clean and sample administrative interface to update your content.

All our WordPress Platforms include

  • Search engine optimized
  • Website statistics tracking
  • Keep ownership of your domain name
  • email accounts
  • FTP access
  • Training videos & user guide
  • Customer rating & reviews
  • Flexible CSV/XML exporting
  • RSS feeds
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Point & click WYSIWYG editor
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • 24/7 Customer support

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